Our program contains the next items:

  • Seasonal work
  • Employment
  • ZZP intermediary
  • Application support (solicitation)
  • Support for export / import from the Netherlands and Poland
  • Transport to and from Poland
  • Translating of different documents (if necessary officially sworn)
  • Written and oral translations.
  • Administration and bookkeeping for (starting) companies or ZZP, consulting and contacts with their clients
  • Organize import / export of materials and goods.
  • Tax and financial advice for individuals.
  • Legal advice for individuals in the field of work and residence in the Netherlands


  • Assistance in arranging insurance and municipal issues.
  • Support in buying and selling products and services.
  • Employment in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Face-to-face translations at trainings, courses and business meetings
  • Temporary (short or long) contract assignments with Dutch and International companies such as, for example: short courses, business meetings, International Scholarships. This is in the function as interpreter, assistant and advisor.

This is just a sampling of our possibilities. We want through advice or services a partner in the sometimes difficult and complex situations for the employer / employee.
Entrepreneurs who are considering doing business in Poland to go, we can support you with our experience and knowledge up.
A first meeting we will always carry with no obligations.
We are happy to assist you by mail or by phone (0031630384591).